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Our staff are capable people who know how to help you reach your potential at every level! With a wide range of styles, specialties, and backgrounds, our team behind the team are able to expose young Skiers and Snowboarders to multiple outlooks and influences within the sport, while still developing key skills and foundations under one program guideline. 

Read on below to discover more about our current  staff members...

Kevin Scriver 

MSLM Program manager

Coaching and Relevant Certifications:

Canada Snowboard Competition Introduction

Snowboarding for Kevin started on the wee slopes of Snow valley, just outside his hometown of Barrie. Before the time of the Instagrams, and the YouTubes, or even terrain parks. He finessed his skills on hand-built jumps and... as the parks grew bigger, he naturally progressed, developing with the sport to where it is today. 

Kevin has been on snow for the past 20+ years chasing his own goals and acquiring knowledge and skill along the way. He eventually gained sponsorships which pushed him further into competing, filming, traveling, and involving himself in every aspect of the sport. In recent years his focus switched to competition judging and eventually becoming a certified coach. 

From November through March, Kevin works as the manager for our MSLM programs, while still taking the opportunity to pass on his knowledge to the next generation of Senders.

Andy Stewart 


Coaching and Relevant Certifications:

Canada Snowboard Comp Dev Coach

Air 1 Trampoline

Multiple NCCP Coaching Certifications, Former Senders Team Member

Andy has been a former long time team member and moved into coaching as a result of the positive experiences provided by his time on Snow.  Andy strives to pass on his love for Snowboarding in all aspects and has grown into an excellent coach and competitive strategist.  Andy operates The Senders Elite Performance Snowboard Coaching program and has been instrumental in developing the latest generation of Canadian National Team members for The Senders.  An excellent technical and tactical coach, Andy provides extremely valuable input to the most determined program members we have.

Devon Jack 

performance snowboard coach

Coaching and Relevant Certifications:

Canada Snowboard Competition Introduction - Advanced

CASI Level 1 & CASI Level 1 Park and Pipe

Air 1, 2 Trampoline

Multiple NCCP Coaching Certifications

Devon started on snow as a skier at Mansfield Resort for 5 years, before switching to Snowboarding in 1996.  Once he strapped in, he never looked back! The only time he would go Snowboarding in those years was on school trips as his main focus was still on Hockey. It wasn’t long before the fun and joy of Snowboarding couldn’t be matched by any other sport, so he hung up the skates and became a full-time boarder (while attending high school and keeping his grades up, of course!). Blue Mountain became his home resort during the high school years.  After he graduated he enrolled in Georgian College to take Ski Resort Operations and Management and shifted his home resort to Mount St. Louis.

Devon took his CASI level 1 in 2004, then his CASI Park Certification in 2006, and started to teach in the terrain park programs. From day one as an instructor Devon knew that was how he wanted to spend his Winters. After instructing terrain park programs for Mount St. Louis for a few seasons he wanted to continue his growth as a rider and move into a more competitive environment as a coach. Since his first season coaching for Simple Snowboarding, Devon has made a considerable impact on developing multiple riders on the team and also coaches on many of the trips and camps we run.

Ian MacGregor 

snowboard coach

Coaching and Relevant Certifications:

Canada Snowboard Competition Introduction

Hey, what's good! My name is Ian or people call me Mc.Gee.  I’m from Hamilton, Ontario and I’ve been snowboarding for about 15 years now. I grew up riding Glen Eden, Kelso (or Mount Sweden as we call it). I’ve been competing for about 10 years now, and have competed across Canada and into the US, and have decided to switch to coaching to help the up and coming kids across Ontario! 

As a coach, I’m stoked to get out riding every weekend with the kids and help them progress over the season and into competitions. I’m all about having fun and getting out to snowboard as much as you can. So I’m looking to bring that to the hill for the kids to see and learn from!