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Our staff are capable people who know how to help you reach your potential at every level! With a wide range of styles, specialties, and backgrounds, our team behind the team are able to expose young Skiers and Snowboarders to multiple outlooks and influences within the sport, while still developing key skills and foundations under one program guideline. 

Read on below to discover more about our current  staff members...

Kevin Scriver 

MSLM Program manager

Coaching and Relevant Certifications:

Canada Snowboard Competition Introduction

Snowboarding for Kevin started on the wee slopes of Snow valley, just outside his hometown of Barrie. Before the time of the Instagrams, and the YouTubes, or even terrain parks. He finessed his skills on hand-built jumps and... as the parks grew bigger, he naturally progressed, developing with the sport to where it is today. 

Kevin has been on snow for the past 20+ years chasing his own goals and acquiring knowledge and skill along the way. He eventually gained sponsorships which pushed him further into competing, filming, traveling, and involving himself in every aspect of the sport. In recent years his focus switched to competition judging and eventually becoming a certified coach. 

From November through March, Kevin works as the manager for our MSLM programs, while still taking the opportunity to pass on his knowledge to the next generation of Senders.

max hill


Hometown: Craigleith, ON
Experience: 10 years of Sponsored professional skiing, 10+ years of coaching experience


Relevant Freestyle Ski Certifications: 

Air 1/2 Trampoline, Air 4, Doubles Snow/Airbag


Relevant Multi-Sport Certifications: 

Safe Sport Training, Making Head Way in Freestyle Ski, NCCP Sport Nutrition, Making Ethical Decisions, Comp Intro in Training

Max Hill was raised on the slopes of Craigleith and Blue Mountain.  Following a brief period of ski racing at a young age, Max took an interest in Freestyle Skiing and quickly caught the attention of brands and other Skiers at events, progressing quickly as an all-terrain destroyer.  After a short stint competing, Max chose to take his talents, style and unique perspective both on and off snow to filming.  Major brand deals and major attention in the freestyle Ski industry quickly followed and Max signed contracts and began a Pro career that spanned more than 10 years.  Max carved out a career in front of the lens and appeared with parts in award winning films, web series and all forms of media during that time.  Max was also one of the rare select group of skiers to have his own model Pro model Skiis and Outerwear and has traveled to incredibly diverse locations, from Whistler to Chernobyl in search of the perfect shot.Max is now focused on bringing technical excellence and many of the lessons learned both on and off-snow to the next generation of skiers.  Teaming up with The Senders will allow him room to grow and develop these opportunities, with an organization with both the pedigree and flexibility to achieve these goals.  Max lives in Craigleith, Ontario where he manages his Glove brand Victor Academy and his newly developed vintage clothing store Your Little Brothers Inc.