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Event Guideline

It's my first season on the team, what events should I look at doing?

The easiest way to break down events to an understandable format, is via Terrain Size and cost.  

There are a number of smaller, local events that take place at resorts in the GTA.  The following events will all have smaller terrain options for most riders and don't have a lot of structure (other than the provincial championships).  If you are riding and performing in the Junkyard Terrain Park, these events will be a good place to start.


Local Events for first year program members (Beginner Program members will have other options that have not been released yet)

These events are suitable for those who are riding in M sized terrain.

Vans Hi-Standard - (Some features may be small enough) Loose rules, cash handouts for individual tricks and overall winners

Send it for Sarah - Full ride day with activities and coaching from Roxy team riders

Del Boca Vista - Fun, jam style day with multiple activities on and off snowboard.

Local Events for more experienced team riders

These events will include bigger Jump features, side entry rails and gaps and are suitable for team members who are riding in L sized terrain.

Vans Hi-Standard - Open Categories

Friday Night Rail Jam Series events at Blue Mountain

Provincial Championships - Junior/Open

Beaver Valley Slopestyle Event - standard, judged, structured Slopestyle event.

Local events for very experienced team Members

These events have much more difficult setups and are only recommended for riders who are riding in XL sized terrain.

Provincial Championships - Open

Air Nation Noram MSLM Stop

Burton Qualifiers Rail Jam

Out of Province events for experienced Team Members

These events have much more difficult setups and are only recommended for riders who are riding in XL sized terrain.

Tremblant, QC Air Nation (Suitable for riders who are riding L sized terrain)

National Championships, Junior Category and Open

North American Tour Events for the most experienced and Advanced team members (Select stops coach invite Only)

NorAm series:

These events have much more difficult setups and are only recommended for riders who are riding in XL sized terrain.  The typical event runs for 3 days, with one practice and 2 competition days.  There are also travel days at either end, so each event usually ends up being 5 days long.  Podiums at these events are required for those looking to step up to a National Team program or qualify for Junior World Championships.

Sun Peaks, BC, Air Nation NorAm (Coach Invite only)

Maximise, QC, Air Nation NorAm (Coach Invite only)

MSLM, ON, Air Nation NorAm

Park City, Utah, Air Nation NorAm (20 spot men, 10 spot women limit on Canadian Entrants, Coach Invite only)

National Championships, Juniors and Open

International Events that Some team members may qualify for

These events have much more difficult setups, the best riders in the World for their age and are only recommended for riders who are riding in very large XL sized terrain.

Junior World Championships

FIS World Cup Tour

World Rookie Festival Finals

Event Structure and Points

Regional - Local Level events likely to attract riders from the Province

National - National Level events such as national championships that attract riders from across the country, with some international attendance

International - High Profile events that riders often must qualify for such as the FIS World Cup Tour.  These events feature the strongest international field and take place in very large, risky terrain.

Elite - Invite only, no set qualification criteria.  Feature select invite only riders from the Worlds best riders over the preceding years.  These events take place in the largest terrain and involve extremely high risk and the highest levels of Snowboarding.

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