Resort Access

Do we provide transport?

We do not provide transport to our training locations.  The geographical spread of our team members throughout the province makes it not logistically feasible for us to do so.

Does the price listed include a lift pass?

No, lift passes are not included in the price.  With the number of days on snow for our programs, it makes more economical sense for participants to purchase a season pass.  Our resorts give us an early season pass purchase rate for our team members.

Do we need lift passes at other resorts other than our home base?

Unless you are attending an event at another resort, you will not need to purchase other lift passes.  When you are at another resort for an event, there are usually discounted day passes provided by the resort for event participants.

Events and Competitions

Do I have to go to events?

No, you do not have to go to the events.  We will have coaches at scheduled events and coaches that stay back at the resort to cater to those who are not competing on that day.

Are event fees included in the price?

There are multiple event organizers and as such, they charge different rates for their events.  Some include lift passes, some are free and as such, it makes it impossible for us to build that price into our seasonal program costs. 

Where are the events?

There are several events at local Ontario resorts during the Ontario Season, ranging from industry events to provincial and national level competitions.  Seasonal event schedules are not usually released until close to the season start date in November.

How do I become a successful competitor?

The key to doing well at events breaks down to how well you have built your foundation and skill set to hold up under pressure.  Great competitors dedicate a lot of time to finding and fixing any weaknesses they have through practice, refinement, and also by building a great working relationship with their coaches and support crew.  


How many athletes do you have per coach?

We strive to maintain a 1 to 6 coach to athlete ratio in our upper programs and a max of 1 to 10 or better in our development programs.  There may be days where we have coaches who are ill and no staff available in reserve due to event commitments.  Although these situations are rare, rather than send participants home we try to mix groups and incorporate some work with our filmers, which is easier to do with a larger group so that our participants can still max out their learning process for the day.

Who are our coaches?

Our coaches are very experienced, qualified Snowboard Coaches who are passionate about Snowboarding.  Our Coaches have either a lot of experience as sponsored Snowboarders, Competitors, or Coaches and many are former team members who have come through one of our programs.  This gives them a unique perspective as a former participant in identifying with our team and understanding what they want to get out of the program. 

Who will be in my group?

We will group our participants primarily based on ability and secondarily by age.  There will likely be group members who are more advanced than you in your group, which will help to push your riding and there will likely be riders who are less advanced than you in your group.  We do rotate team members through different groups over the season. 


Will my group change during the season?

Most groups will stay together for the season and have a coach assigned to them.  Having a coach assigned to a group allows the Coach to really get to know their group members and build a trust-based relationship for coaching.  We may occasionally mix up the coach or group participants if we feel that we need to, as having another perspective can be helpful from time to time.

Filming and Photos

How do I get footage during the season?

Your coaches will often film from their phone (or your phone) when asked and can share that footage to help with social media posts, video feedback, etc.

How do I get good Photos?

Good photos are almost always shot on slightly overcast days.  Good solid grabs with tweaks and great style always look the best for photos on Jumps and in the Halfpipe.  For Rail shots, photos with proper presses and full 90 slides look much better. Technical tricks that involve a lot of rotation do not usually work well for photos, as it becomes very difficult for the photographer to get you in the right part of the frame, in the right position, at the right time.  Chances are also high that your developed sense of style that you have either naturally, or have worked hard on will come through better in a slow spinning or flipping trick.

Other FAQs

Can I get some stickers or Simple/Senders product?

Our Stickers and Team product are almost always exclusively for our team members, or close program friends and family.  We may run promotions from time to time where we have products available to non-program participants, so make sure you follow one of our social media accounts (links at the bottom of the page).

Do we Sponsor Snowboarders?

No, we do not Sponsor riders.  We help riders in our program to become sponsored Snowboarders by educating them on best practices and expectations and try to help them with references in some cases and access to media to build their own profiles.  Sponsors want to know that riders are capable of dealing with everything at their own end and are confident, capable communicators who help with demos, act as good brand ambassadors, and great product promoters.  For the majority of sponsors, the last thing they want in most cases is a rider who requires communication through a third party such as a parent or coach who is trying to manage their sponsorship.


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