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The Senders Freestyle Skiing
(More spots will be opened in January, stay tuned!)

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The Senders freestyle skiing Programs


The Senders programs are designed to take you to the next level.  We have a history of helping to put team members who have the talent and drive and committed support system, through to the top level internationally.

We have a choice of multiple program options available at our home locations, all the way up to customized programs traveling to compete nationally for our most advanced and elite participants.  Participants are split into programs options and groups based on ability, from beginner to advanced.  Participants progress through the programs to work with more experienced coaches and join more experienced riders as their skills develop accordingly.  

Our priority based learning includes building strong foundational skills and progressing in a safe and confident manner.


The most important thing to understand first and foremost, is that our programs are for Skiers who are obsessed with the terrain park.  If this sounds like you or the person you are looking at our options for, then you're ready to look at the other things to consider.  It's important to assess current ability level before signing up to a program.  For example, a beginner park skier won't do well on a full day program.  They may become far more vulnerable to injury later in the day, as all the minor and major muscle groups and movements have not been fully developed yet to help maintain control and avoid injuries.  Likewise a more advanced Skier will struggle if they are in a group where the rest of the group is significantly lower level than they are.  This is the benefit of our programs for our participants running from beginner through to elite.  It allows us to give everyone a shot to develop based on being a part of a group, where there will always be with other skiers at a similar level, going through similar skills and assigned to coaches who are a good fit for working with that level of participant.  It's important to look at where your current level is best described from the following 5 different levels and options.


1.Park Labs (MSLM Only) - Skiers who are new to a terrain park environment and are still learning how to clear jumps and basic features.  Park Labs year one participants have a shorter training day, as they are still getting used to the rigours of Skiing park and can focus over the shorter time frame.

2. Park Labs Year 2 (MSLM Only) - Skiers who have moved up from the beginner stage and are now confidently riding all features in the beginner park and are now dabbling in the Intermediate level Parks.  Year 2 park labs participants will be able to compete in the Interclub Grom series events.

3. Intermediate - Skiers who are spinning over small to medium sized jumps in the terrain park, can ski switch and are using most rails in the intermediate park and occasionally riding the largest terrain park and big features.  Skiers at this level are usually also looking to get into inverted manoeuvres.  This is where our current ski programs begin.

4. Advanced - Skiers who the largest parks can't open soon enough for.  They are spinning and flipping over the largest features, have a group of single inverts learned and are usually working on double inverted manoeuvres.


5. Elite, High Performance - Skiers who have shown capabilities far beyond average in their age categories.  This also includes advanced Skiers who are looking to compete on a national level tour.

*Our programs do not include transport and passes to access the resort or mandatory membership with the governing sport body ( Freestyle Ski Ontario). 


freestyle skiing program options

Park Labs

If you find that your young Skier or Snowboarder is interested in the terrain park, but don't know where to start.  Our Park Labs program options are designed for you.  Park Labs took our previous Beginner Program Options and turbo charged them beyond a typical beginner program.  First year Park Labs participants are learning to use the terrain park at the most basic level.  Riders at this level are generally under 12 years old, but may also be adults who are beginning to use the terrain park.  Riders joining our Park Labs program must be able to navigate the resort un-assisted, including self loading on chairlifts.  They may have already been using terrain park features, but will work on and learn their key foundational skills in order to progress past the beginner park at the resort.  Our Park Labs level programs are designed to build the key foundational skills needed before stepping up and pushing yourself inside the Terrain parks, or advancing on to our Senders Performance programs.  These skills allow you the foundation to make continued progress and take safer calculated risks in the park all the way up to an expert level.  These are all the most important skills identified by our most advanced and experienced coaches that were taught and used to help riders each their true potential over time. If you learn these first, you have a huge advantage.  Year 1 Park Labs Riders will work with entry level certified coaches who will receive additional training from our more experienced staff members.

Skills Focused On:

-Proper Warm up and preparation to Snowboard/Ski

-Terrain Awareness and Park rules of use and Safety

-Freestyle Specific Stance Development

-Freestyle specific turning, approach and speed control

-Learning to identify features appropriate for your level to enhance fun and progression

-Basic Terrain Park Feature approach and use

-Foundational Skills for riding Boxes

-Foundational Jumping Skills

-Learning to focus on what you can control

-Development skills as part of a Group and team member encouragement 


Mt. St. Louis-Moonstone 

Weekend Park Labs Program 10am-1pm: $4037.60 + HST 

9 month payment plan: $471.05 + HST

-14 weeks, 3 hrs per day

-Begins December 9th 2023, finishes March 17th 2024.

Saturday Park Labs Program 10am-1pm: $2018.80 + HST 

9 month payment plan: $235.53 + HST

-14 weeks, 3 hrs per day

-Begins December 9th 2023, finishes March 16th 2024.

Sunday Park Labs Program 10am-1pm: $2018.80 + HST

9 month payment plan: $235.53 + HST

-14 weeks, 3 hrs per day

-Begins December 9th 2023, finishes March 17th 2024.

Park Labs Year 2 Weekend Extended Hours Program 10am-3pm: $4640 +HST

9 month payment plan: $541.33 + HST

-14 weeks, 5hr per day option

-Competition options in the Interclub Groms Series

-Begins December 9th 2023, finishes March 17th 2024.

*Our Park Labs program options are currently only available at MSLM. 

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intermediate/advanced performance ski Program Options


Blue mountain/Mt. St. Louis-moonstone (Mores spots to be released at both locations in January)


This is where the main competitive levels of our program begin.  All Skiers on our Intermediate and  Advanced programs are expected to compete on the local stops of the Ontario Timber Tour.


Intermediate Skiers

Intermediate Skiers have learned basic spin technique (1 clockwise 1 anti-clockwise 360), can ski switch and are hitting and clearing jumps in the Intermediate parks and are able to ride rails (Including side entry/Street style rails).  They are spinning 360-540 degrees of rotation in the terrain parks and may be considering learning some inverted manoeuvres.  Freestyle Skiers need to follow a certification process off and then on-Snow in order to train inverted manoeuvres and be cleared to complete them in events. We utilize trampoline training and airbag training trips that can be added on to your program in order to achieve this.  

Advanced Skiers

Advanced Skiers are confidently hitting all features in the terrain park and are able to spin up to at least 720, complete multiple inverts and are spinning on-to and off rails.  They are also looking to complete doubles and beyond.  It takes a lot of time, effort and additional training off-snow and trips to extend the training season to get to this level of Skiing and also to coach at this level due the the immense certification process required to be completed.   As a result, these Skiers get to work with our most highly experienced or certified coaches.

Blue Mountain or MSLM Standard Program: January start dates and prices coming soon..

-Friday/Saturday/Sunday 10am-3pm

-Program Starts January 5th 2024

-Finishes March 17th 2024

-Includes contest support at Timber Tour Events

Blue Mountain or Mt. St. Louis-Moonstone Weekend Program: January start dates and prices coming soon..

-Saturday/Sunday 10am-3pm

-Program Starts January 6th 2024

-Finishes March 17th 2024

-Includes contest support at Timber Tour Events

Private Club Member Only Options

Blue Mountain or MSLM Friday Training Program : January start dates and prices coming soon..

-Fridays 10am-3pm

-Program Starts January 5th 2024

-Finishes March 15th 2024

-No Contest Support at Timber Tour Events (Participants must attend with their club program)

The Senders High performance, Elite Skiing Program

Elite program members are expected to commit to a minimum number of training dates, national events and high performance camps throughout the season and will have access to our highest level coaches. This invite only program is for riders who have spent multiple years on our Senders programs and are looking to compete on a National/North American tour, have a fully supportive and committed family and have proved that they are driven and are willing to push their skill levels and fitness on and off-snow.

Program Option begins in Summer 2023

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