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Program options


The Senders programs are designed to take you to the next level.  We have a history of helping to put team members who have the talent and drive and committed support system, through to the top level internationally.

We have a choice of multiple program options available at our home locations, all the way up to customized programs traveling to compete nationally for our most advanced and elite participants.  Participants are split into programs options and groups based on ability, from beginner to advanced.  Participants progress through the programs to work with more experienced coaches and join more experienced riders as their skills develop accordingly.  

Our priority based learning includes building strong foundational skills and progressing in a safe and confident manner.


It's important to assess current ability level before signing up to a program.   You can think of our Senders programming as equivalent to Rep Level in most other sports.  If you are just beginning to use the terrain parks, you are below this level and are a better fit over at our affiliated Park Labs programs.


 For example, a beginner park snowboarder won't do well on a full day program.  They may become far more vulnerable to injury later in the day, as all the minor and major muscle groups and movements have not been fully developed yet to help maintain control and avoid injuries.  


Likewise a more advanced rider will struggle if they are in a group where the rest of the group is significantly lower level than they are.  This is the benefit of our progressive programs designed to flow from Park Labs to The Senders.  It allows us to give everyone a shot to develop based on being a part of a group, where there will always be with other skiers at a similar level, going through similar skills and assigned to coaches who are a good fit for working with that level of participant.  


It's important to look at where your current level is best described from the following 5 different levels and options:

Beginner Freestyle Snowboarders
(Our affiliate Program Park Labs takes care of Beginner Freestyle Skiers and Snowboarders) LINK TO PARK LABS

1.Park Labs (MSLM, Additional Locations Coming soon!- Resort run programming, supported by Park Labs for participants who are new to a terrain park environment and are still learning how to clear jumps and basic features.  Park Labs resort run programming participants have a shorter training day (Resort dependant schedule of operation), as they are still getting used to the rigours of utilizing the park and can focus over the shorter time frame.  Sign up for these programs is done through the resort, contact their Snow School department to enrol.

2. Park Labs Core (MSLM, , Additional Locations Coming soon!) - 5hr Programs run by Park Labs staff for Riders who have moved up from the beginner stage and are now confidently riding all features in the beginner park and are now dabbling in the Intermediate level Parks.  This caters to riders for rotations up to 360.  Learn more about Park Labs HERE.


Senders Programs Begin Here


3. Intermediate - This is where our Senders programs begin as there are a number of specific advanced coaching requirements and certifications required to teach at this level.  Riders who are hitting and starting to spin over medium jumps, 360 and above in the terrain park, using most rails in the intermediate park and occasionally riding the largest terrain and big features.  Riders usually begin basic inverts at this level.  

4. Advanced - Riders who are getting comfortable over the largest jumps and more advanced rails in the terrain park.  They are spinning and flipping up to 720 and 900.


5. Elite (High Performance) - Elite riders are spinning and flipping over the largest features, have a group of single inverts on the way and are usually looking at working on double inverted manoeuvres.  Riders at this level need to be traveling and training in addition to riding in Ontario, as our winter features are not large enough to train at this level safely.  These riders are chosen from inside of our program options as their skill level develops.  Riders at this level will have the opportunity to compete on a national level tour.

*Our programs do not include transport and passes to access the resort or mandatory membership with the governing sport body (Ontario Snowboard ). 


Off-Season summer/fall Airbag Training, Horseshoe Resort

There is a brand new airbag landing training facility currently under construction at Horseshoe Resort.  Airbag landing facilities have an artificial snow run-in, with two jump options and a relatively soft slippery airbag landing that allows users to practice and learn any number of Spins and inverted manoeuvres, while receiving coaching.  All inverted manoeuvres need to be learned through a particular process.  Team members go through a series of steps to learn their single/double/triple inverted manoeuvres here before taking them to snow for the first time, significantly decreasing the level of risk.  (See the example in the video below showing practice on an airbag landing, then taken to snow).


This facility is not open to members of the general public and is only available to certified coaching programs like The Senders.  The facility is scheduled to open sometime in July.  Once final details are released, there will be options made available to our team members.

Mt. St. Louis-Moonstone (24/25 dates and information coming soon)

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