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how to wax Video coming February 22nd 2024.. 

Thanks for purchasing Senders Wax!  We have a how to wax video releasing here soon.  Until then, please see a basic outline below on how to wax.


A few things to know..


Iron temperature:

White (All Temp): 90˚ Celsius, or 194˚ Fahrenheit

Yellow (Warm): 100˚ Celsius, or 212˚ Fahrenheit

Blue Wax (Cold): 125˚ Celsius, or 257˚ Fahrenheit  



Make sure you clean the surface of your iron with a rag or paper towel after it heats up in order to remove and debris that could scratch your base.  Clean the base of your Skiis or Snowboard as well. Use a well ventilated area to wax in.  


Irons/Fire hazards:

All Ski and Snowboard wax contains paraffin and as such can be flammable after being subject to temperatures that are too high, or extended periods of heat.  Do not leave your iron unattended and use irons designed to be used for Ski/Snowboard waxing.  Clothing irons have a low quality thermostat and have large temperature fluctuations (plus you’ll drip wax on your clothing if you use it for laundry later).


To Apply:

Hold the iron on its side, touch the wax to the base of the iron and let the wax drip on to your Ski/SB bases from tip to tail in a zig-zag fashion (you may need a few passes for a Snowboard).  Spread the wax around your ski/SB base/s with the iron in a circular motion and finish with long tip to tail passes (Use a rubber band or similar to keep your ski brakes out of the way). 


To Finish:

Allow wax to cool to the touch and scrape shortly after with a plastic scraper from nose to tail, pushing away from you and holding the scape between your thumbs at an almost 90 degree angle.  Scrape until a very thin layer of wax is left on the surface of your Ski/SB base.   You can scrape all temperature wax the next day if required.  Cool wax should be scraped shortly after cooling as it will be extremely difficult to scrape once cooled and fully hardened.  Finish with a green plastic dish scouring pad to remove any small areas of excess wax buildup on the base and to help leave a smooth finish.

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