Frozen Rail Jam

A cold, crispy Saturday morning brought sunny skies and a freshly re-worked rail section in the Badlands park at Blue Mountain the appropriately named annual Frozen Rail Jam. A small contingent of Senders appeared at registration and with the Snowmaking guns firing snow out alongside the closed park, several compulsory spray laps were in order before things got started.

Practice played out with everyone adjusting to the rail set-up and keeping the heavy tricks to a minimum. Coaches Mike Rotsaert and Sam Marcotte were on hand to give some last minute technical pointers and help with some decision making on what to get after. Everyone was little hesitant in practice, but as the session ended, things turned around and the crew started to get after it. Taylor Estrop took a heavy slam right at the end of practice on the wall ride transfer after catching a toe-edge, but toughed it out for the qualifiers.

Am Womens:

Avery Spalding and Emma Brearley got things underway and found some fun lines through the course, taking on the flat down box to tube. Avery would take out Second place in the Am Women's sandwiched between two significantly older riders.

Am Mens Qualifiers:

If you were polite, you didn't get too many runs with the event format. Several team members only got one run, with some others getting up to 4 runs, but one run was enough for Ben Wheeler and Taylor Estrop, who moved on to finals, along with Adam Cohen, Cam Spalding and Keaton McCallum.

Open Mens Qualifiers:

The only Sender in the Open Mens qualifiers was 13 Year Old Liam Brearley, who opted to take on the big boys and took the fight to them in the qualifiers, with what looked to be the top qualifying run.

Am Mens Finals:

The sun dropped behind the hill and with the fading light came some icy conditions. This seemed to have a reverse psychology affect on the whole crew as everyone stepped things up significantly! Ben dropped some 270's on the tube and 11 Year Old Cam Spalding put down some smooth style and tech lines, vaulting himself into 2nd place. Taylor Estrop took revenge on the wall transfer and came away unscathed but it was Keaton McCallum who rose above the rest with a heavy Cab 270 gap on the down-flat-down rail to seal the deal and walk away with the win.

Open Mens Finals:

Things got heated quick in the open mens as Joel Dalacker put down some 270 change ups on the down rail closely pursued by Liam Brearley with a slick cab 270 on, 270 out to 50-50 wall ride transfer Back 270 out. Liam one he would need something big on the Down-Flat-Down rail to have a shot at the win and unfortunately came unstuck on his cab 270 during his second run. On his last run he nailed a backside 270 Gap on to the down, but unfortunately came unstuck after catching his board in a trench in the landing. He had to settle for third in an impressive outing to cap off an awesome showing by the team.

It's been an awesome Christmas Break Camp and it's time to get back to School! But, luckily we still have one more day of riding first!!

Team Results:

Am Women: Avery Spalding 2nd

Am Mens: Keaton McCallum 1st, Cam Spalding 2nd

Open Mens: Liam Brearley 3rd

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