Vans Hi Standard

The Vans Hi-Standard was a blast, as usual, as just about everyone on the team entered the event and had a chance to win some cash. Conditions were slick, but everyone was getting after it, with many of The Senders moving their tricks over to the 40’ jump. Some examples include Evan Heisz with a big Backside 180, Emilie Nadeau with a Frontside 360 indy and the younger girls Avery Spalding and Emma Brearley stepping up to the big jump to give the older girls a run for their money. With everyone upping the anti on the jumps there was bound to be some heavy slams. Tiffany McDonald took a knee to the face and left some blood on the knuckle but cleaned herself up and got right back to it. No slam was heavier than Cameron Spalding’s, as he was awarded worst bail of the day. Cameron toughed it out and came back strong with some good tricks and clean style to put some money in the bank.

Following the jump session everyone lined up for the Van Doren Rail jam where Liam Brearley lined up a backside 270 on 270 off on the teardrop rail to take the win in the 15 & under category. Some other highlights included Joel Graham’s Cab 180 on Backside 360 out of the flat up rail, and Carter Wega almost pulling together a Cab Hardway 270 but couldn’t quite hold on.

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