Burton Qualifiers

Beaver Valley played host to the Burton Qualifiers Rail Jam once again. With an upper bowl into a down rail, Flat Down and Bonk Tank, the course flowed into a lower bowl with multiple rails, stalls and features scattered throughout.

With 10 spots in the end of season North America finals up for grabs, kids of all ages threw themselves around the course and tried their best to put some creative runs together. That being said, there was a lot going on and I'm going to have a hard time putting a report together due to all the things that happened that I either missed, or can't remember! I do know that there was a heated 270 battle on the down rail in both categories and also a lot of 270's out. Liam, Cam and Will were once again battling it out and Thomas Hancock and Cole Silverthorn kept things mixed around the course while Julian did a ho-ho on the wall ride. In the senior category Coach Mike Rotsaert from Blue Mountain dusted off his competitor boots and took some smooth lines around the course. Troy Hancock kept things Stylish and Joel Graham worked his way around the bowl. At the end of the day, Will and Liam in 4th and 3rd punched a ticket to the finals plus coach Mike in 4th also punched his ticket. Thanks to Burton and Beaver Valley for such a great day!

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