Air Nation West

The Air Nation West stopes took place during the middle of February at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, Alberta and Sun Peaks Resort in BC.

The Calgary and Sun Peaks stops saw Patrice Poulin and Will Buffey competing in the Slopestyle with Kiran Pershad and Rebecca Ballantyne competing in the Halfpipe at the Calgary stop.


Icy and windy conditions greeted the team on our first day for Slope practice and the Pipe event.

While the rail line proved to be pretty fun, the jumps were tough to negotiate with heavy takeoff compression on the first of the bottom two jumps. A few accidental backflips and multiple heavy knuckles were witnessed as everyone struggled to come to grips with the course during the training day.

Patrice fell victim to the knuckle and had a hard time posting a run, Will stomped his way into finals, upping his score with each round and took home 7th with a Method to Backside 720 combo.

Calgary did however knock it out of the park with a perfectly cut 22ft Superpipe waiting to be ridden after Slope practice was over. Kiran and Becca both stomped their way into the finals with Kiran boosting the biggest airs on the first hit during his qualifying runs. Kiran ended up with a 6th place after his front 5, back 5, front 3, cab 5 combo. Becca took her 360 combo up to a Second place finish behind national team member Calynn Irwin.

Sun Peaks Double Header

The Sun Peaks stop was a lot more user friendly with an awesome park and multiple options top to bottom. Day one saw Will Buffey make his way through to the finals with a run featuring a cab 9 and backside 720. Day two saw Patrice just miss the finals by one spot after slipping out on the last rail, but Will Buffey managed to make the finals again, upping his run and tricks and bagging back to back 7th places in the double header.

The next stop on the tour is coming up in Ontario with the Air Nation Nationals in early March. Thanks to Canada Snowboard, COP and Sun Peaks for the great time!

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