Snowboard Ontario Provincials

Every season was on display for the Ontario Snowboard Provincial Championships at Mt. St. Louis-Moonstone this past weekend.


With a slushy warm day for the Halfpipe event on Saturday after the weeks rain, Kiran Pershad, Rebecca Ballantyne, Liam and Emma Brearley, Rachel Secord, Carter Wega and Liam Denney all took to the pipe which by some miracle was kept open by the Mt. St. Louis-Moonstone grooming crew!

Liam threw in some Cripplers on the first hit, Kiran sent some big airs, Becca kept things smooth and stylish and Carter sent some frontside alley-oop 540's. The rest of the crew improved from lap to lap and made the conditions look good for what turned out to be a fun event.

Becca Ballantyne took out the Provincial Title in the Womens category, while Kiran Pershad was shut out by the Alberta riders in attendance. A clean sweep in the Juniors saw Liam B in 1st, Carter Wega in 2nd and Liam Denney in 3rd. Emma Brearley and Rachel Secord took a 1-2 respective in the Junior Womens, while Wyatt Spalding took out a 2nd place in the groms category.


Despite a foot of surprise snow overnight, things got heated for the Slopestyle event with a lot of local riders battling it out for a spot in the finals. The choice to move the event line to the smaller line proved to be necessary with the fresh snow slowing things down significantly. Multiple younger team members opted to bypass their age category and compete in the open class. Will Buffey, Liam Brearley and Cam Spalding stepped up with the bigger boys in search of a challenge and they found it with everyone spinning on/off and with back to back spin combos on the smaller line. For the finals Will stepped it up to battle for the top spot with former team member Tim Crighton with a cab 9 to back 10 combo in the jump line, while Patrice Poulin battled it out with fellow team riders Sam Koven and Cam Spalding for the last spot on the podium. In the end Tim Crighton pipped will for the top spot, with Patrice edging out the rest in 3rd place. In the Juniors it was also a heated event with Thomas Panksep, Aidan Colebrook, Carter Wega, Julian Race, Joel Graham and Ryan Parkhurst all battling it out.

Aidan sent some giant spins to the flats and ended up in 2nd place followed by Carter Wega, who snuck in some spins to make it up into third. It turned out to be a question of clearing, or not clearing the first jump for the rest of the crew with a snap freeze making for some extremely difficult course conditions. Avery Spalding took out 3rd in the Grom Womens and Emma Secord took 3rd in the Junior Womens to cap off a great day that went from heavy snow and powder, to sun and then ice. All in all a crazy weekend courtesy of mother nature. Next up is the nationals before we head into March Break. Enjoy the Spring everyone!

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