Yukon Preseason Training

An amazing preseason trip to Mt Sima, YT is a wrap and what a trip it was!

The Senders getting a group shot after a private jump session with Max Parrot

A very accommodating resort, along with Transition Industries made it all possible, providing a great park with sleds on both jumps at all times. One jump line was a medium sized step down to a larger step over jump, where tons of progression happened. On the other side, there was an XL Big Air jump that provided a great opportunity for everyone to move tricks over and step up their game. For many, this was their first experience with sled laps, allowing everyone to get a high volume of laps in on the jumps in very short period of time. This took a toll on everyone’s body, in combination with it being the first days back on snow. There were a lot of tired legs and sore arms at the end of each day.

After four days on snow everyone was exhausted so we took our first rest day and spent it lounging in the Takhini Hot Springs approximately 20 minutes north of Whitehorse. This was a great way to relax and rejuvenate for our following days back on snow.

At the beginning of the trip we went over some goal setting and some individual objectives for the trip and for the season. By the end of week one everyone had tightened up the know-how’s and were hammering off tricks on the objective list. Some of the goals we had set for the season were even checked off before the end of the trip!

After the one quick week we had to say goodbye to Coach Mike, Adam, Ben and Carter but not before a big team dinner at Earl's. Most nights after dinner, we would head to the Canada Games Recreation Centre for some sports and leisurely swimming or watch some movies and footage review and then hit the hay. Unfortunately, we never got to see the northern lights. The KP Index reached a max of about 3.67/9 during our stay and was most active in the early hours of the morning while we were all sound asleep.

It was good to see some familiar faces at Mt Sima with the Next Gen Team training along side us, but no company was better than that of Max Parrot. The team got to have a private Big Air session and a rail session with him during the last two days of the trip. Of all the different teams, it seemed like The Senders were always the last ones on the hill… We would be there at 9am for the crack of daybreak as the sun was just peaking over the mountains (sunrise 9:04am) and be lapping the rails at the end of the day until the rope tow stopped at 3pm (long after the sun had dipped back behind the mountains at about 1:30pm).

Returning home everyone is more ready than ever to start the season. The Junkyard features may feel a little small in comparison to Mt Sima’s but it will be good to go back to our home stomping grounds and keep the progression rolling!

Trick Highlights:

Adam Cohen – Bs 360, Bs 540 mute grab, FS 360 on 360 off in the rail garden.

Ben Wheeler – Fs 270 on to the down tube, Fs 360, Fs 540 indy, Bs 360.

Cam Splading – Switch Bs 720 stalefish, Bs 1080 stalefish, FS 900 tail/indy, Cab 900 switch indy/melon.

Carter Wega – Cork BS 540 mute, Cork BS 720 stalefish, FS 720 melon, Fs 900 melon

Liam Brearley – Bs 1080 mute, Cab 900 switch melon, Fs 900 melon/ indy, Bs 180 on 360 off on the down tube.

Liam Denney – Fs 360 Indy, Bs Blunt to regular, BS Blunt 270 on the down tube

Patrice Poulin – Cork Backside 720 melon poke, Bs 900 mute, switch Backside 720 switch stale, switch bs 900 switch mute, Fs 900 melon, Cab 270 on to the downrail.

Sam Koven – Fs 900 Indy, Fs 1080 Melon. Switch backside 180 on to the down tube.

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