Frozen Rail Jam

The Frozen Rail Jam went down at Blue Mountain last Saturday, January 6th and frozen it was. With temperatures reaching well below -30 and cold winds howling, athletes competed on a creative 5 feature rail set up.

The Grom division lead things off with team rider Andrew Laurin holding it down and landing himself a spot on the podium!

Next, the Mens Amateur division kicked off with team riders Adam Cohen, Ben Wheeler, Liam Denney, Luke Landreth and Connor Todd all competing and throwing down! Some highlights included Lukes front board to switch on the down rail, Liam’s tailslide 270 and 180 on to the downflat rail, Connor with a backside and frontside blunt 270 on the tube and more. Ben Wheeler and Adam Cohen put down some 270’s onto the downrail, in combination with some other good tricks and changeups. Their consistency and strong riding throughout the heat landed them in the 4th and 3rd spot respectively.

Madison Gale held it down for the team in the ladies division, hitting all the features, and landing an impressive 180 on switch backside 180 off of the green tube. Madison walked away with the 2nd spot in the Ladies Open division.

The cold air seemed to move out as things really started to heat up in the Men’s Open division. Team riders Carter Wega, Cameron Spalding, Coltan Eckert, Liam Brearley, Sam Koven, Joseph Jedrej And Joel Graham battled it out among other heavy hitters such as Whistler local Ben Poechman, Cole Cummins and more. With a stacked crew of riders there were some serious tricks going down and everyone had to be at their best to compete. Some highlights from the team included Carters Backlip pretzel, Camerons front 270 on 270 off the jail bar, Coltans hardway 270 and front blunt indy sameway, Liams backside 270 on 270 off, Joel with a variety of 270s, Joseph with a switch backside blunt sameway on the and Sam with a buzzer beater switch backside 270 on to the flat down rail. Through all the chaos Coltan, Cameron, Liam and Joel made it through to finals with Cameron finishing 3rd and Liam finishing 2nd overall.

Just when we thought the contest was over the organizers held an impromptu best trick jam on the Blue Mountain ice block. Tricks were getting crazy as people were doing tamedogs off, 180 on 360 off combos and Liam with a 180 on 540 off attempt. Ben Poechman was playing with the idea of going sideways on it testing out some backside blunt 270s when Cameron smashed through and laid down a face melting Cab 270 on 270 off literally ending the competition. Cameron walked away $100 richer as a result and everyone was on their way home after a fun filled Frozen day at Blue Mountain.

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