Blue Mountain Badlands Slopestyle

The last Snowboard Ontario slopestyle before the Provincial Championship went down Saturday , January 27th in the Badlands Terrain Park. This was everyone’s last opportunity to get some slopestyle experience in before the grand finale happening at Mount St Louis. For most team members, this was another good opportunity to sharpen their skills and put together a solid run in a competition setting. For others, this was their first time competing in a Snowboard Ontario sanctioned slopestyle event.

The setup consisted of a three-feature rail deck into approximately a 20 foot step-down, followed by a 40 foot cheese wedge and into another three feature rail deck. The setup proved challenging as the first was a slow speed dropper into a high-speed kicker second jump. Nonetheless, the team prevailed getting used to the course in no time and putting together some great runs top to bottom.

In the boys Grom category, we had first time competitor Wyatt Spalding step up and go HUGE on the step down in practice but came back strong and put together a great run during the event. Andrew Laurin followed that up with an awesome top to bottom run that landed him the third spot on the podium at the end of the day!

The Men’s Amateur division was next to drop. Team rider Scott Macdonald could be found at the top of that list, putting down a frontside 720 and earning himself the number one spot on the podium.

Following Mens Amateur, Womens Open kicked off, featuring some familiar faces from previous podiums. Team rider Emma Brearley put down some good tricks and ended up just off the podium. Teammate Avery Spalding stepped up to be the only female rider to spin the jumps switch putting together an awesome run and landing her the silver medal. Madison Gale had a great performance, locking into the downrail, spinning a 360 and finishing it all off with a clean tailslide 270 to land her at the top of the podium.

In the Men’s Open division, it was a close battle for the podium. Sam Koven put down a frontside 1080, Cameron Spalding with a technical switch backside 720 to cab 900 combo and Liam Brearley with a frontside 720 to backside 900. Joel Graham put together some stylish rail a trick but wasn’t able to get away from the snow snakes that took him down between features. At the end of the day, It was Liam Brearley in the number one spot with Sam Koven close behind in second. Cameron Spalding couldn’t quite hold onto his cab 900 and fell just off the podium.

Some shout outs go out to Joseph, Nick, Adam, Ben, Emma, Luke, Colin, Jeremy, Christian, Connor, Brenden, Cole and Liam. Everyone rode great and some of them were able to make it through to finals. With a one run final, there was no room for error. Everyone managed to put together some great runs and walked away from the event more prepared for the upcoming Ontario championships.

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