Burton Qualifiers & Send it for Sarah

Saturday February 3rd the Burton Qualifiers went down at Horseshoe Resort, while the all girls Send it for Sarah event was happening at Blue Mountain.

With a creative, transition based rail setup and riders coming from all across Ontario, Quebec and south of the border, it was sure to be a heavy event filled with up and comers trying to make a name for themselves and earn an invitation to the finals at Seven Springs, Pennsylvania.

The event kicked off with a stacked group of 15 & under riders, featuring team riders Coltan Eckert, Adam Cohen, Brenden Green, Christian Fava, Liam Brearley, Cameron Spalding, Cole Silverthorn and Luke Landreth. The guys got right into the 30 minute jam session on the top three features, spinning in and out of the big cannon rail, getting technical on the down bar and going sideways through the kink rail. After a heated 30 minutes, the riders moved down to zone two, featuring a bonk feature, a pole jam and a stall bar. This is where the majority of the creativity and tricks that set the top riders apart. It was a tough setup unlike anything many competitors have rode before. This provided a great learning opportunity and a way to stand out from the crowd by getting creative and doing some new tricks.

Next, the Open division dropped in filled with heavy hitters. Team riders Joel Graham and Even Heisz were on that list to name a few. People were dropping in and throwing down on every feature making it a tough one for the judges. After two competitive 30-minute sessions, it all came down to a best trick contest on the middle cannon feature. Some big tricks went down and some big bails to match.

Overall, It was Cameron Spalding who walked away with the Win in the 15 & Under division, followed by Liam Brearley in 2nd, Coltan Eckert in 5th and Adam Cohen in 6th , all earning themselves a trip to the finals in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile at Blue Mountain, team riders Avery Spalding, Emma Brearley, Emma Secord and Rachel Secord were having a blast at the Send it for Sarah event. Emma Brearley took a page out of her older brothers book, getting technical on the rails with an impressive changeup trick. All the girls rode well and had a great time riding with other up and coming female riders, while getting the chance to meet and ride with well established names in the industry.

1st Place - Cameron Splading, 2nd Place - Liam Brearley, 5th Place - Coltan Eckert, 6th Place - Adam Cohen

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