What a Great Season!

On behalf of everyone here at The Senders, I would like to extend our gratitude to everyone on the team and their parents for helping us to have such a great season! Now that I have a short period of time to be able to reflect on the Winter now that our on-snow activities have finished, I am able to really take in everything that happened and appreciate all the great experiences we had this year. There was so much progress made across the board and it was amazing to watch it all and be involved in some of it with such a great group of people. I am really excited about the 2018-19 Winter Season and beyond and I'm really fired up to take what we learned this year and be able to use that knowledge gained and plan for next season to be the best one yet! Thank you so much to all of our great coaching staff!

Andy Stewart

- Who did an outstanding job managing and organizing our programs, communicating with parents, organizing and updating people and also knocked it out of the park at all the competitions he was coaching at with both his preparation and strategic input.

Devon Jack

- Continues to progress and develop many of our up and coming team riders both here at home and on our trips abroad. Devon's patience and work ethic shines through in his commitment to deliver his best on hill at every given opportunity.

Micheal Rotsaert

- Constantly pushes our Blue Mountain team members to develop their skills on the hill and provides expert input and advice at every event he attends. Mike has been crucial in developing our Blue programs and has done an outstanding job.

Kiersten Higginson

- Was a great addition to our coaching lineup and brings a lot of expert advice and guidance to all of our team members whenever she gets the opportunity to do so. We were extremely happy to have her contributing this season and look forward to her continued contributions next season.

Tim Crighton

- Tim continues to spread his enthusiasm for team members progression on the hill at MSLM. With and exceptional gift to keep the hype going, Tim is always a team favourite to have inspiring our team riders to keep learning and also keep them enjoying that progress on the hill.

Mike Jafs

- Was an awesome presence to have on the hill and constantly keeping his group on the path to personal progression. Mike's love for his time working at MSLM was evident in many of the conversations I had with him this season on the hill and on the occasional chairlift.

Nathan Carriere

- Stepped up to the plate and put a lot of effort into his group. He was prepared to take on challenges and patient and loved passing on many of the skills he learned with his time on the team. I was really impressed with the way Nathan kept his group on task and enjoyed watching his group members making progress over the season.

Taylor Estrop

- Was an outstanding contributor to the groups he ran this Winter. Taylor was patient, took the time to help people set goals and work through them in an organized fashion and kept his group safe on the hill. He's really enjoyed the time coaching and has made awesome contributions to the riders he worked with over the Winter.

Kieran Pink

- Exemplified the patience and care required to run our beginner program this season. Kieran helped them build on a great enthusiasm for riding over the Winter Season and gave them some valuable input that will help set them up well in their future time on the team.

Outstanding Team Rider Competitive Performances I would like to personally recognize the outstanding international achievements of 2 particular team members this season, a former team rider who is doing extremely well with the Canadian Next Gen Team, plus some honourable mentions for such outstanding competitive seasons. Liam Brearley

Liam battled through some extremely hard times in 2017 and worked extremely hard on his riding all winter long. With outstanding support from his family and friends, Liam was in every single final of every event he attended this season. A feat not matched by anyone else competing in Canada. Liam came within a hairs width of winning the FIS North American Slopestyle series with his 2nd place at the National Champs and has likely secured a spot on the Canadian Next Generation National Team for the 2019 Winter Season along with a Starting Spot in every FIS World Cup for the 2018-19 Winter Competitive Season and a 2018 Junior Worlds Spot. Liam is now ranked 10th in Canada and 56th in the World for Slopestyle and is the 3rd highest ranked rider for his age in the World out of 2137 ranked riders of all ages. Cameron Spalding

Put his head down and really worked at every given opportunity this season. Cameron Took out the National Under 13 Title, 3rd Place In the Junior Nationals and was either on the podium or in the finals in all but 2 events he rode in this season. Cameron is also the 2nd Highest ranked rider in the World for his age, sitting in 113th for Slopestyle. Cameron met all the requirements for a National Next Generation team spot, other than the Age requirement as he is too young to apply. Will Buffey

The former Sender Won the National Slopestyle Title, Swept the Tremblant Air Nation stops and is currently the 2nd highest ranked rider for his age in the World pipping Liam Brearley with a 8th Place in Canada and 50th in the World for Slopestyle ranking and a 2018 Junior Worlds Spot.

Tyler Nicholson

The former team rider and current National Team member nabbed the final spot on the Canadian Olympic Team and was a finalist in the Slopestyle Event despite blowing out his ACL in the Spring of 2017. Tyler made an astonishing comeback after surgery through hard work and determination to earn his spot and narrowly missed a double finals appearance in Big Air.

Carlos Garcia-Knight

Carlos was the number one qualifier heading into the Big Air Finals at the Olympics in Korea. The former team rider had an outstanding season and is making a name for himself up against the best riders in the world.

Honorable mentions go out to the following riders also on their outstanding seasons:

Sam Koven

29th in Canada, 158th in the World and met the requirements to put in an application for the National Next-Gen Slopestyle team. Madison Gale

14th ranked female rider in Canada for Slopestyle and 123rd in the World and met the requirements to put in an application for the National Next-Gen Slopestyle team.

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