Mammoth Mountain Pre-Season Takeover!

Excitement levels were at an all time high as The Senders kicked off another Pre Season trip to Mammoth Mountain, California!

Starting with a scenic flight to LA, and arriving a LAX less than 40 minutes before our next flight, the team grabbed their gear and made a run for it across the vast LAX airport. Arriving at the other end of the airport with only 20 minutes remaining before our Mammoth flight departure, we were a little too late to check in and make it through security (as it was not a connecting flight). A very accommodating Alaskan airlines overrode our baggage fees, expedited our check in and prioritized our security checks so we could make what we thought was a nearly impossible flight to catch. We could hear our final boarding calls as we were going through security and luckily Coach Devon made it through at the head of the pack to hold the plane for just long enough for us to all make it. The team erupted with cheers as we made it on the plane and we were off to Mammoth.

Once we arrived in Mammoth, we had typical California weather, bright sunny and well in the ‘+’ column. The team got warmed up with a few good days of rail riding, getting their tricks back and their feet under them while getting a little extra cardiovascular workout from the high elevation. Lunches were enjoyed on hill, under the hot Californian sun and in the company of good friends.

It wasn’t long before Mammoth got their annual earl season snow dump, with 40 cm over two days, making for an all time pow day. The team had a blast, exploring the mountain, slashing through the powder and sending some flips into the deep snow. With all the new snow, the Mammoth park staff were quick to get a bunch of new features in the park and get the first jump of the season open. By this point, the team was on fire, learning tons of new rail tricks, stacking lots of video footage and hyped to get jumping.

By the end of the second week, multiple feet had fallen over a short few days. This made for an epic end to the snowboarding portion of the trip as we got some of the best pow days that Mammoth has to offer. The crew found a perfect spot to build a big jump into a soft landing, giving everyone the opportunity to try some inverts and tricks they were hesitant to try on the hard packed park landings.

To finish it all off, we spent the day in LA, surfing Venice beach and cruising Venice skatepark. Some of us getting barrelled and smacking lips and the rest of us taking some wipeouts while managing to get some waves. Never the less, everyone had a blast!

Getting back to Ontario to start the season, The Senders the crew is more ready than ever to turn up the volume and bring a lot of new tricks to the table. If this trip was an insight to what the rest of the season will be like, it is going to be one of the best seasons yet!

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