Frozen Rail Jam

The annual Frozen Rail Jam took place at Blue Mountain this past weekend, marking the first contest event of the season for The Senders. Coming off of a -27 degree Celsius event last year, this time around the Frozen rail jam felt 'not so frozen' with temperatures hovering around zero and getting into the plus column.

The team of over 20 Senders showed up with high expectations, which Blue mountain delivered on, boasting a technical set up with big rail features, tons of transfers and lots of opportunity for creativity. The team wasted no time, getting right into things in practice, planning out their tricks and getting comfortable on the oversized rail features.

In qualifiers, the team put their game plans to the test putting down a variety of tricks across all three rail setups, with consistency and execution. This pushed many of our riders through to finals where the real show went down.

In finals, the crowd watching on was bigger than that of any years previous, cheering on everyone as they put it all on the line with a make or break mentality. We saw lots of makes, and unfortunately a few breaks as well. Luckily, none of The Senders went down too hard and for the most part, the team managed to land their tricks and stay on their feet. At the end of the day, it was some big and technical gap transfers that seemed to set the Open podium a part from the rest of the competitors. With an Open podium sweep, we saw Liam Brearley take first place with a gap back lip and gap backside 360 onto the down flat down. Cameron Spalding almost stole the show with a buzzer beater gap backside 270 which he didn’t quite get between the bindings. Nevertheless, it was enough to secure the second spot. Coltan Eckert was one to watch with his technical riding all day and his gap front blunt, to grab the last open podium spot in third place.

Overall, the team put on a great show with technical rail riding throughout, claiming a strong presence on the podium across all categories.

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