Snowboard Ontario/Canada Snowboard Membership

Follow the steps below to sign up for the season with Snowboard Ontario / Canada Snowboard. This is a mandatory step for all team members.. We can't train you otherwise as we are not insured, if you are not registered. The following needs to be done from a laptop or desktop computer. The mobile registration version does not work well. If you are unable to get the system working, or there are issues, please contact Eric Philipow at Canada Snowboard for assistance:

We don't have any access to the system and are unable to assist with registration.


Step 1: Select the link below


Step 2: Click on the "Member Services" tab..

Step 3: Click on the "Athlete" Tab on the left side of the screen.

Step 4: Click anywhere on the "Athlete Membership Registration" paragraph.

Step 5: Fill out your basic information (Important! Make sure you select "No" if you are registering for the first time. If you have previously registered, be sure to select "Yes". After you fill out your basic information and select the return member Yes/No, the page will extend so that you can fill out the rest of your options.

Step 6: Select your competitor license. If you are not sure what license you need, you can always purchase the Basic Competitor License and upgrade later.

Basic Competitor - Most Team members fit in this category, This is for everyone who will not be competing outside of the province.

Advanced Competitor - For anyone who wants to compete in higher level events outside of Ontario, such as the Air Nation Tour events.

Advanced Competitor and FIS License - For anyone 13 and older who will be competing out of province and wants to try qualify for the FIS Junior World Championships. These athletes will need a FIS license in order to get FIS points from eligible events.

Step 7: Check Details and fill out waiver, Opt-in for updates if you want update e-mails from both Snowboard Ontario and the National Teams.

Step 8: Payment, Click on the Paypal Button to pay with Paypal/Credit Card

You're all Done!! Please forward your proof of purchase to:

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