Service Details:

This service will take place between the hours of 9:00am-2:00pm on weekend or School Holiday training dates and between 4:30pm to 8:30pm on any Friday training dates and is dependent upon opening/closing operational

dates of the resorts we are attending.


Payment Details:

After deposit is received, the remaining program amount shall be in the form of preauthorized Credit Card payments and split into monthly payments according to the options selected when signing up.  After initial deposit registration is processed, registrants will be provided with additional payment forms and waivers to complete via an e-sign delivery service.  These will detail the payment dates and amounts.

Failure to make any Monthly payments shall result in a 5% per week interest rate to be added to the remaining total bill owed until the missed payment is made.

Resort Access:

All participants will need to arrange for and purchase their own passes for access to any resorts that we will be attending. 

All participants will need to purchase the appropriate membership from their sport governing body in order to participate in our programs.

All participants will need to purchase appropriate insurance coverage through the governing sports body if traveling on one of our international training trips during the season.

Training in addition to scheduled days:

Any local additional competition, training dates, or events that are not taking place on previously scheduled training dates will be charged at the

equivalent rate of 1 full day in the program selected. Any event or training trip dates that conflict with a scheduled home training date are already

pro-rated in to the trip prices. All other out of province events will be separately pre-packaged and priced in order to allow for ease of financing.

Cancellation/Postponement of coaching/training dates:


Dates Service is provided:

The coaching days specified are organized in accordance to the schedule listed on the website and are listed when selecting program options.


Training Date Cancellation or Postponement:

Specified dates may be postponed or shifted at the discretion of staff if the participants or

coaches safety is judged to be in jeopardy from Snow Condition, Weather Conditions, or driving/road conditions. If on-Snow training has begun

and an early cancellation is made due to Snow Conditions, Weather Conditions or Road conditions there will be no alternative date arranged for the training date.

Cancellation during training hours will be in verbal form and delivered to participants on snow. Cancellation before training hours

begin will be in the form of an e-mail or via text message.  In the event of a postponement day, an alternative training day shall be arranged later in the seasonal calendar if possible and will be at the discretion and judgment of Simple Snowboarding Inc. and only available if the resort is still operational for the current season. The current postponement dates are 21 Feb 2022, 25/26/27 March 2022.


Refunds shall only be issued in the case of pre-season injury and shall exclude the first 2 monthly payments. Medical proof of injury will need to

be provided in the form of a doctor’s note and the injury must be of a serious enough nature to exclude participation in sports during the entire

period of time the program is running. There are no refunds in case of resort closures for any circumstances. No refunds are issued from the 1st of

November 2021 and participants are bound to the financial terms of this contract.  The only exception to this provision will be in the case that another participant can be found to replace the spot vacated by the team member.