This program is built for Skiers and Snowboarders who are obsessed with the Terrain park and want to set goals and push themselves, while being around like-minded riders and individuals.

If you have come from our Simple program option or are one of the better participants in your local Club program, The Senders program is designed to take you to the next level and beyond.  We have a history of helping to put team members who have the talent and drive and committed support system, through to the top level internationally.

We have full and part time weekend programs available at our home locations, all the way up to customized programs traveling the World for our advanced participants.  Participants are split into groups based on ability, from beginner to expert.  Participants progress through the program to work with more experienced coaches and join more experienced riders as their skills develop accordingly.  Priority is based on progressing safely and strongly.


We have options and training trips that you can add on, to increase the chances you have of maximizing your progression.   

Senders Program Options

High Performance Snowboarding

High Performance program members are invite only participants from within our program.  This option is not publicly available.  High Performance members are expected to commit to a minimum number of training dates, national events and trips throughout the season and will have access to our highest level coaches. This is for riders who have spent multiple years on our Senders programs and are looking to compete on a national tour, have a fully supportive and committed family and have proved that they are driven and are willing to push their skill levels and fitness on and off-snow.

High Performance Skiing

Coming Soon

Rec-Competitive Senders Programs

MSLM (Snowboard Only)





Blue Mountain (Ski and Snowboard)