who are

the senders?


The Senders are a progression focused group of freestyle Skiers and Snowboarders, working with coaches to push their riding to new heights! 

No matter the level, we offer Ski and Snowboard coaching programs and camps designed to help participants continue to progress and take their skills to the next level.

We are Rider built & Rider driven. We have
developed our own unique techniques and tactics which can be adapted to the individual and help you improve! Something that's important in a sport that evolves at such a rapid pace!

The fastest way to help get your riding from where it is now, To where you want to it to be... Is to hire a coach!



We have Weekend and Friday through Sunday programs available at our home location, all the way up to customized programs traveling the World for our advanced participants.  

Participants are split into groups based on ability, from beginner to expert.  Participants progress through the program to work with more experienced coaches and join more experienced riders as their skills develop accordingly.  The more days you can commit to, the more chance you have of maximizing your progression.  Priority is based on building a foundation for progression to progress safely and strongly.  You can find out more information about our Programs HERE.


we train and ride at the resort with the best freestyle terrain available in eastern Canada, mt. st. Louis-moonstone



Snowboarder Patrice Poulin The Senders

Mt. St. Louis continues to lead the way forward for freestyle in Ontario and all of Eastern Canada.  The Skoolyard, Junkyard, and Outback parks function as a progressive park system to get you from ride on rails through to 60ft Kickers.  Serving as our main home base of operations since 2007, these parks have helped us to produce World Champions, Olympic Medalists, Multiple Junior World Champions, and Multiple National team members.  The designers, builders, groomer drivers, and the Huter family strive to outdo themselves every year in the search for perfect parks, walls, takeoffs, and transitions.  

The Skoolyard features small, low-risk features designed for beginners to learn the ins and outs of Jumps, Boxes, and Rails.

The Junkyard features larger intermediate to advanced higher risk rail, box, jump, and transition features for those who are developing freestylers from intermediate to advanced.  The Junkyard is open much earlier than most other Terrain Parks in Canada and as such gives us an early season park to get right into the season.  The Junkyard also features a small-walled halfpipe for those who are learning to ride transition.

The Outback features high risk, large advanced features, and XL jumps required for advanced team members to push their boundaries and skills in.  From early January until the end of the season, you can find the best riders from our team working on their skills in here.