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The fastest way to get from where you are now, To where you want to get to... Is to hire a coach!

Our beginner/intro program is the best place to start if you are not sure if you are at the level required to be on one of our higher end programs, or if you are not ready to commit the time and finances for our higher end programs.  We designed our 9 Week Simple Snowboarding program to build the best platform to increase your ability in the Park and Pipe.  Program participants learn all the skills that make or break riders when they get to a higher level. There's a lot to cover in one season, so you might need 2 before moving up in programs.  The skills you learn on this program will be the platform that the rest of your Snowboarding Builds on! 


Our intermediate programs are the next stop for those who are coming from our beginner program or those who have had previous freestyle lessons elsewhere.  Riders at this level will already be quite familiar with the terrain park and will already be hitting jumps and rails on their own.  Program Participants will have access to more experienced coaches at this level.  Those who came from our beginner program will continue to build on their skills here and new participants will be introduced to many core concepts that they will not already be familiar with.  This is where participants learn how to spin and begin to progress their way into more advanced tricks and park features including basic inverts up to 720.


Our advanced options are where experienced and dedicated team riders end up.  These programs feature our more advanced coaches and allow access to high level competitions across North America.  Riders at this level will begin working on advanced and high level Snowboard tricks both flat and inverted to 720 and beyond.


Our expert programs are custom built to cater to the best young riders in the World who are not currently attached to a national team.  We provide them with access to our best coaches and custom training and international event options.


Mt. St. Louis continues to lead the way forward for freestyle in Ontario and all of Eastern Canada.  The Skoolyard, Junkyard and Outback parks function as a progressive park system to get you from ride on rails through to 60ft Kickers.  Serving as our main home base of operations since 2007, these parks have produced World Champions, Olympic Medalists, Mutiple Junior World Champions and Multiple National team members.  The designers, builders, groomer drivers and the Huter family strive to outdo themselves every year in the search for perfect parks, walls, takeoffs and transitions.  From December to April our team pounds out as many laps as possible on these runs in the search for good times and challenges.    Come find out for yourself why we are proud to call MSLM home!


With the most runs, the most vertical and the best Terrain Park on the Escarpment,  Blue Mountain is our home training location for those based in the Georgian Bay area.  The Badlands Terrain Park at Blue Mountain combines multiple rails, jumps, and a Superpipe, all open and groomed nightly, fresh for us to enjoy when we arrive for training.  With jump and rail lines from beginner to advanced, there‘s something for everyone in the park with monthly re-shapes to shift things around and keep things fresh over the Ontario Winter.  Badlands is accessed by a high speed chairlift to keep you rolling all day and allow you to stack multiple laps.  More laps = more practice = better riders!  Join us at Blue and make the most of all that the resort has to offer on the hill.