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FREESTYLE ski & snowboard coaching





The Senders are progression focused freestyle Snowboarders, Skiers and Coaches obsessed with the Terrain Park.  With a 16 year plus history of producing multiple international professionals, podiums and the best riders and skiers at your local resort in Ontario, our team members are world renowned for their strong foundations and their ability to adapt and excel on all terrain put in front of them.


"The progression our son saw over the course of two seasons with The Senders was remarkable. Most importantly, the kids learn good habits and form on which to build. I appreciate how positive and welcoming the group is. The kids encourage each other and demonstrate consideration and good etiquette on the hill. I would not hesitate to recommend The Senders as an excellent club to train, especially for kids who want to compete or progress at a level not offered by resort lessons."

who are
the senders?



Since 2007 we have taken many young and developing Winter athletes on a journey across the globe, while providing them with an expert based Freestyle education.  This is done through developing their skills in a progressive and team based environment. No matter the level, we offer Ski and Snowboard coaching programs combined, with travel to bigger and better competitions and destinations, designed to help participants progress and take their skills to the next level.  Some of those team members have gone on to become global superstars, stand on international podiums and a develop sponsored, professional career.


"Really excellent instruction and organization. You can really tell that all the staff is fully dedicated to making it a great experience."

"The Senders is a great team, well organized, lots of options to work on skills and it promotes kids to set goals and work on the discipline to reach them! Awesome!!"


We know what it's like to be obsessed with the terrain park and wanting to get as good as you can with the time you have.  Our staff have a broad range of backgrounds and experience.  They have been the kid in every situation from an average joe, to sponsored pro.  We all want to offer the help we were either lucky enough to have, or wish we had along the way. There are so many things learned and skills to pass on, in order to help our team members conquer the next goal, improve their confidence and find out what they are capable of through the challenges they will encounter along the way.

"I joined the team when I was 15 and never looked back. I have learnt so much from riding with The Senders, from snowboarding tricks, style, to life skills and meaningful values. The team environment is always positive and motivating. All of the coaches are extremely well trained and certified. The team trips are full of progression and good times."

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