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The Senders are a group of riders who have come together to push their riding. We offer Snowboard coaching programs and camps designed to help young riders continue to progress and take their riding to the next level. We are rider built, rider driven, and have developed our own unique techniques and tactics to help you improve rapidly. This allows us to make any changes necessary, which is important in a sport that is constantly changing and rapidly evolving. 


With a strong focus on personal growth and development, we utilize lessons learned through Snowboarding to teach key life skills. We have seen enormous success since our inception in the ability and achievements of our team and also in the building of a solid, unmatched reputation. We have designed our programs to take snowboarders at any ability level and allow them to progress as far as their talent and drive will take them. From your first rail, air, and high-speed run to double corks and beyond, we are constantly evolving to produce your best and the best.

Our History

The Senders Programs were previously known under the title of Simple Snowboarding.  The program was formed in 2007 by Snowboarders who recognized the need to provide guidance and advice to the next generation of young snowboarders.   

We have seen enormous success from our team members both on and off their snowboards and will continue to build on that success and develop our programs, participants, and ourselves throughout the future.  We have a progressive training program that can start you at the lower levels and take you all the way through to the top of the podium worldwide.  We offer many options and opportunities to our team members, as we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Personal Development

We provide our team members with an incredibly in-depth Snowboard education during their time with us, while also passing on key life skills learned through the challenges that Terrain Park, Halfpipe, and Free-riding present. Team members who are willing to learn, work hard, and push themselves will find an enormous amount of reward in one of our programs.  Our goal is to equip our team members with more than just an in-depth knowledge of Snowboarding.  We also want our riders to have an in-depth knowledge of themselves and the success in every avenue of life that they are capable of pursuing.  The experiences and life lessons some of our team members have learned through training, traveling, filming, fun, and competing with us has given them a positive influence in their lives, which has helped them grow and mature as highly active members of society.