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Program FaqS

Ability and age limits

How good do I need to be to join the team?

Our videos we release usually feature our best and most experienced riders on the team and are not an indicator of the level you need to be at to ride with us.  If you are a young Snowboarder under 12 years old, you will need to be able to easily navigate the hill and self load a chairlift without assistance or falling over.  You need to be able to turn, control your speed, and ride down a variety of runs on the hill comfortably, in order to participate in one of our programs.  If you are not yet clearing all the small jumps in the terrain park and getting ready to spin off these jumps, then you belong in a beginner level program.  If you are outside of these categories you will not fit in well with one of our groups and we recommend you get some lessons in your local area before inquiring with us.  

Which Program is right for me?

We have a very short Winter season in Ontario, so the more days you have on the hill, the more opportunities you have to progress.  You are best to look at ability level first and then choose the most number of days affordable to you. More days on snow is a huge advantage when it comes to progression, especially for those looking to compete.

What are the age limits for team members?

We generally accept team members from 8 years old and upwards.  This primarily depends on current riding level when inquiring.  We have taken on younger participants, on a case-by case basis.  The age limit primarily is set in place so that coaches are able to focus on their coaching job in a group environment.  The most important defining factor is that participants can self load the chairlift and navigate the resort.


How do I know what level I am?

The biggest Split is between the Beginner freestyle level and Rookie/Intermediate/Advanced levels.


Beginner Freestyle:

Beginner freestyle Skiers and Snowboarders looking to join our program should be already using the smallest terrain park at their hill.  They will work on key foundational skills that will teach them how to clear jumps, learn grabs and hit boxes and straight entry rails.  Beginner freestyle riders will be learning on 5-10ft jump sizes from the edge of the Jump takeoff to the beginning of the landing, with ride-on boxes and rails in the smallest terrain park on the hill.


Rookie Freestyle:

Rookie riders and skiers are already clearing jumps, hitting boxes and rails and are ready to learn how to spin over jumps. These riders will be expected to be hitting and clearing jumps in the 15 to 20ft plus size range from the end of the takeoff to the beginning of the landing.  If you are not already using jumps of this size, you should look the register as a beginner level rider. (We can always look at shifting you up). 


Intermediate Freestyle:

Intermediate Freestyle Skiers and Snowboarders are already spinning off 15 to 20ft jumps and are sliding rails from a side entry in the terrain park.  They are also likely straight airing the largest jumps in the terrain park.


Advanced Freestyle:

Advanced Freestyle Skiers and Snowboarders are completing inverted manoeuvres and spinning on and off rails.


I'm still not sure what level I am?

Send us some footage of you skiing and snowboarding and we can let you know what level you are likely at.

Where will I be riding during the programs?

Those riders who are at a beginner park riding level will spend most of their time in the beginner Terrain Parks, where there are smaller, lower risk features.

Riders who are at a rookie and Intermediate level will spend most of their time in the Intermediate Terrain Park where there is a mix of small, intermediate, and large size features, with occasional trips to the Expert park features if ready, to gain experience with larger features..

Advanced team riders will spend a majority of their time in the Intermediate and then Expert park features where there are XL sized, higher risk features.

Resort Access

Do we provide transport?

We do not provide transport to our training locations.  The geographical spread of our team members throughout the province makes it not logistically feasible for us to do so.

Does the price listed include a lift pass?

No, lift passes are not included in the price.  With the number of days on snow for our programs, it makes more economical sense for participants to purchase a season pass.  You will be responsible for ensuring you purchase your own pass before deadlines/pass sales finish for the season.

Do we need lift passes at other resorts other than our home base?

Unless you are attending an event at another resort, you will not need to purchase other lift passes.  When you are at another resort for an event, there are usually discounted day passes provided by the resort for event participants.

Events and Competitions

Do I have to go to events?

For our Snowboard programs No, you do not have to go to the events.  We will have coaches at scheduled events and coaches that stay back at the resort to cater to those who are not competing on that day.  Our Ski program participants at the rookie and above level will not have coaches available at their home training location when events are scheduled.  There are no scheduled events for participants in our first year beginner programs.

Are event fees included in the price?

There are multiple event organizers and as such, they charge different rates for their events.  Some include lift passes, some are free and as such, it makes it impossible for us to build that price into our seasonal program costs.  All provincially organized events require participants to be registered with a coaching program and under the supervision of a certified Ski or Snowboard coach during the events including on the official practice days.

Where are the events?

There are several events at local Ontario resorts during the Ontario Season, ranging from industry events to provincial and national level competitions.  Seasonal event schedules are not usually released until close to the season start date in November.  Our Skiers at the Rookie level and above compete on the Timber Tour.  You can check for upcoming provincial level Snowboard Ontario events that we compete in for Snowboarding HERE 

How do I become a successful competitor?

The key to doing well at events breaks down to how well you have built your foundation and skill set to hold up under pressure.  Great competitors dedicate a lot of time to finding and fixing any weaknesses they have through practice, refinement, and also by building a great working relationship with their coaches and support crew.  


How many athletes do you have per coach?

We strive to maintain a 1 to 7 coach to athlete ratio or better in our upper programs.  There may be days where we have coaches who are absent and no staff available due to unforeseen circumstances such as travel difficulties.  Although these situations are rare, rather than send participants home we try to mix groups so that our participants can still participate on  the day.

Who are our coaches?

Our coaches vary in age and experience.  All of our coaches are certified with the governing Ski and Snowboard sanctioning bodies and are passionate about coaching.  Some of our Coaches have either a lot of experience as sponsored snowboarders and competitors and many are former team members who have come through one of our programs. 

Are there any other costs?

One of the following mandatory memberships is required in order to be able to participate in our programs.

All Ski team members require a membership with Freestyle Ski Ontario.

Beginners require a Club Athlete Membership.

Rookies/Intermediate/Advanced skiers looking to compete require a Provincial Athlete membership

All Snowboard team members require a membership with Ontario Snowboard.

Beginners require a Riders Membership.

Rookies/Intermediate/Advanced skiers looking to compete require a Compete membership unless they are under 12 where they can use a Recreational membership.

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